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2008-09-05 16:22:31 by Supafanga

Meh... I got banned from reviewing for some stupid reason -_-


2008-02-16 17:40:43 by Supafanga

Well after having an account at newgrounds for a long time (I think over a year now) I am finally taking interest in the actual community and submissions. It probably helps that I have started submitting my work (mostly just stuff that I get out as fast as I can after an idea because I don't want to forget it. I also have started creating music for different things. When my friend started a stupid little club thing I made him a song for fun (one of my least popular 0.7 right now). So I just decided to take some time and update my page.

P.S. still looking for comments suggestions and (if you like my music) requests to make some for you.


Well I've begun my hobby as a newgrounds music artist as I have just recently started music making. I have 2 songs out and I am going to try to keep this thing going and at least be considered alright at it. I am just looking for some comments or suggestions.